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Waterproof Watches

Companies describe water resistant or waterproof watches in terms of depth. As you know, pressure increases with water depth. Anything billed as waterproof is likely to leak if taken to a far enough depth. Nothing is completely waterproof. Watches described as one hundred or two hundred meter water resistant are able to prevent water from entering up that depth. These are known as a Divers Watch.

Regular watches described as water resistant could mean withstands splashing. Such an item might not survive a trip to the beach or a run through the wash. No watch is completely waterproof and even divers ...

Stauer Watches

Stauer Watches. Nearly one hundred years ago a grand innovation happened in watches. The invention was the automatic mechanical drive. Or, in other words the self winding watch. The normal arm and body movements wind the watch spring, and no additional winding or batteries are required. This innovation came from a famous watchmaker in versailles. He was known for constructing clocks and timepieces in his day. he built only 7 automatic mechanical drive watches. Only one watch is known to have survived and resides in a museum,

The Stauer Meisterzeit watch has been engineered to replicate these original watches. The winding ...

Single Cup Coffee Maker

Do you find yourself wasting coffee? We all know coffee left warming in the coffee maker is not very good. What do you do with leftover coffee? Do you throw it out?

Sometimes you want a single cup of coffee for yourself. Maybe you need a quick pick me up, but don't want to brew an entire pot of coffee. Or maybe you are the only one drinking coffee so there is no sense making a whole pot when you'll have to throw it away. Or maybe you want something different, like an exotic coffee flavor that you'd like to try ...

Tennis Elbow Brace

The tennis Elbow Brace is a common treatment for elbow pain. Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is an injury caused by repeating the same motions over and over. Examples of such motions are swing a tennis racket, using a screwdriver or turning a wrench.

The tendon is the part of the muscle that attaches to the bone. Elbow pain occurs when the tendons tear at the bone on the outside of the joint. This creates pain when using the arm, especially when attempting to lift objects. The pain is so instense, the arm is essentially rendered useless.

Tennis Elbow Braces work by ...

Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby Chic is a relatively new style of decor. Bedding, furniture and other items that are aged and so some sign of wear are selected. Alternatively, new items can be distressed to appear to be older. At the same time, shabby chic incorporates a warm, fluffy, feminine and cozy feel.

Linen and cotton work best, especially in the bedroom. Linens are used to imitate and older, French style. Worn and faded pastel colors are common, and so are white colored items. Distressed fabric is often discolored or stained to give the appearance of a well worm item. Sometimes a fabric can ...

Pooping Blood

I was recently shocked to find blood in the bowl after a bowel movement. The photo, while unpleasant, is actually one I took to show the doctor.

If you have had this happen to you, you know what a discomforting feeling it is. Several thoughts raced through head. Why is there blood? Do I have some internal bleeding? I don't recall any recent trauma that could have caused this. Do I need to go to the doctor?

Take a deep breath. The condition shown in this photo is not life threatening. If your blood look like this, you are probably fine. The ...

Pot Pie Girl and One Week Marketing

Pot Pie Girl, also known as Jennifer Ledbetter, has released
One Week Marketing
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Pot Pie Girl is a well known LensMaster here on Squidoo. She has been using Squidoo since February of 2007. She has learned the art and science of marketing. She is sharing those secrets with ...

Pool Basketball Hoop

Are you looking for a pool basketball hoop?

A basketball hoop is a great way to enjoy your swimming pool. Play a game of horse with you friends, where everyone must make the same shot. Each time you miss a shot, you collect a letter. If you miss five shots, you have collect HORSE and you lose. Or play the water polo version of basketball. Or dunk the ball like the kids in the video below. The video demonstrates a group of boys passing the ball and dunking. They are well coordinated and have their timing down. You'll be left wondering ...

Poodle Mixes and Designer Dogs

It has become quite popular to breed poodles with dogs. These poodle mixes have names like labradoddle, goldendoodle and schnoodle. Collectively they are known has designer dogs.

A poodle mix inherits traits form both parent breeds. The mix is rarely an even split, and the dog often resembles one parent.

Poodles were originally retrievers and well suited to water with a moisture resistant coat. Poodles are famous for being both highly intelligent and very active. Without regular exercise, play and mental stimulation the poodle will invent its own entertainment, which often leads to mischief. The poodle is easily trained because of its ...