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How to deal with programming phobia

Programming phobia can be termed as the fear of learning any programming language such as C#, Vb, Java, Php etc . This type of phobia comes under the category of technophobia in which the phobia about using the computers or related technologies is quite prominent. Although, the technology enthusiasts have the abilities as well as the spirits to design and develop new and unique ideas into applications but they find themselves quite reluctant to even start a line of code of a program on computers whether they are in their college labs, at homes or at their friends' homes.

People often ...

Montana West Purses

Montana West is an impressive new star in the field of womens accessories. Montana West Purses are leather purses with a rustic look. It can be said they have a western theme with brown and black leather. Leather is of course known for its durablability and ruggedness. There is usually a protective layer applied to the purses to prevent water damage. The handbags are oftern decorated with rhinestones and stars. In addition, they feature crosses and/ or fleur de lis. You have a great deal of variety and choices when shopping for a Montana West purse. They also offer flip ...

High Protein Foods

Protein is one of the three types of calories. The types of calories are protein, carbohydrate and fats. Protein is unique for several reasons.

First, the human body cannot easily store protein. You are probably aware that the human body is very efficient at storing fat. Furthermore, it can convert simple and complex carbohydrates to fat. However, the body does not store protein. This is a major reason you get hungry. You body is expressing a need for protein.

If you deprive your body of protein, it can cannibalize protein from muscle tissue. Protein is used to build cells and tissue, include ...

Flea Bites

The flea. This insect is a common home invaders for those with pets.

There are two big facts about fleas that most people don't realize. One, they reproduce at an alarming rate. The female flea lays her eggs while on the dog/ The eggs then proceed to fall off the dog where ever the dog goes. If the dog is in the bed, flea eggs are in the bed. If the dog is one the couch, flea eggs on the couch.

Second, the flea eggs are extremely hardy. There is no chemical treatment under the sun that can harm flea eggs. The ...

Purple Comforter Sets

Purple comforter sets are ideal for your bedroom. The Europe purple has long been associated with status, wealth and royalty. In the far east, purple symbolizes health, healing and well being. In American pop culture, Bella Swan in Twilight New Moon had a purple comforter set.

Why purple comforter sets? What is special about purple? Purple has long been called the color of royalty, or even imperial purple. Byzantine and European kings wore purple to signify status. In ancient times, purple dye was difficult to make and therefore rare and expensive. The main producer of purple dye was the Phoenician city ...

My First Squidoo Lens to go with my first WordPress blog!

I am creating this lens to go with my WordPress blog at www.wsdixon.com. The blog will be informational in nature including information marketing tips and social media marketing tips. I feel that a good understanding of information marketing is needed as a base before attempting to monetize Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You will discover (like I have!) that approximately 97% of all internet marketers make little to no money online. I am opening the door for those who want to join me in my journey to build quality content that our customers want and use, as well as have a good ...

Explore more QR Code possibilities.

Enhanced QR Codes by integrating graphics as part of the QR Code content.

Error free codes scan faster, making sure that the name QR actually stands for Quick Response, and not for Quit Reading.

QR Codes, an ideal tool to bridge the real world with the internet.